How do I deploy my app in an application packet?

After deploying your App Packet login to your dashboard. After logging in got to the tab "Console"

Delete the file called "index.php" as your new app will most likely have its own index.php file

Download the source of your app  by running the wget command with the URL of your app( wget ) your downloaded file will be placed into /var/www/html folder since this is the directory you are in by default.

Un-compress your install package

Tip: If you are experiencing permission issues you can enter root console mode by typing "sudo -i" and enter your SSH password.

Next you will create the database:

Tip: Your database password is located in the /etc/environment file as the variable S5_SQL_ROOT_PASSWORD.

 sudo -i mysql
 CREATE DATABASE your_database_name;
 Note: All references to "your_password" below are for the SSH password used to access your account, provided in your admin panel.
 GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON your_database_name.* TO "root"@"localhost" identified by "your_password";

Now that you have created your database you will need to provide the db connection settings to your app.

This can be done in one of two ways depending on your app.

If your app has a install script that you can run via the browser then provide the db connections via their install script during the setup process.

If your app does not have an install script then find their config file and edit that file and set the db connections within that file. save the file and browse to your app by going to:

Your new site should load.

Once you have confirmed that you new site is working do not forget to go back into /var/www/html and remove your downloaded compressed into file

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