Setting up your new site

Configuring Site General Settings

First you will need to login into your new site with the information provided to you in the email.

Once logged in within your dash board go to:

Settings > General

Now you will need to double check or configure your settings for your site

After you set the following to your liking make sure to save your settings at the bottom.

Setting Your Admin Password

Next we will go to the "user" section by selecting "Users" on the left menu bar:

On that screen you will look for a user labeled "wpodamin" click on that user.

Half way down the screen you will see a section "Account Management"

Click on "Generate Password"

You will see a randomly generated password in the field.

Remove that password and enter in the password you want to use for your "wpoadmin" admin account.

Once completed scroll to the bottom and click "Update Profile"

You have successfully updated your admin password.

Changing the look & feel of you new site

( This section is for a "Standard" plain Install of WordPress, If you deployed one of our "Pre-Configured" themes or apps skip this section )

Now that you have your new site you will want to change the look.

On the left menu bar click on "Appearance"

 On the right side of the screen you will notice there will be a few themes that appear. You can select you of the themes that are there by clicking on the "Activate" button on the theme.

If you would like to add your own theme that you purchased, own or would like to install some free themes from the WordPress market click the button marked "Add New" above.

You will notice that there are many themes to choose from and you can search for theme within the search field.

To install a theme from the market simply click the "Install" button on the theme.

To add your own theme click on the "Upload Theme" on the top of the screen.

After selecting or installing a theme do not for get to go back to "Appearance" find the theme and click "Activate" to make it live. 

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